• Experts in Visual Collaboration with a focus on people and user behaviour

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    We take video adoption to exceptionally high levels by focusing on the user requirements

  • Independent and vendor neutral advisors

  •  Deep understanding of the current technologies and future developments


EDSL is a UK based Consultancy Company focused primarily on visual communications.

Our key focus is on people, and we view this through the lens of psychology. We are independent and vendor neutral, so can advise on the best technologies to support the needs of an organisation and their employees.

Our fundamental target is the outcome, so we regard technology as a means of providing the desired result.


Health Check™ - Diagnose what is Wrong

“Where do we start?” “What do we do?” “Who can help us sort this out?” These are questions we hear from our clients all the time… Read More

Get Well™ - Design a Top Class Service

Following on from Health Check, we designed the Get Well™ program – the capability to design and implement an in-depth, world class video collaboration service… Read More

Evolve & Transform™ - Increase Adoption

Services of this nature only succeed when people use them enthusiastically – when they become an essential part of the daily work life in conjunction with the… Read More


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EDSL sponsor a young Rally Team in the British Rally Championship. Following a credible 3rd place in Belgium Alex Waterman (driver)...

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Ray King explains why understanding the way people work and interact with video technology is crucial to designing and delivering the...

The creation of Purpose built Videoconferencing rooms – The Ray Cube


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