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EDSL Rally Car win in the British Rally Championship
August 8, 2017

EDSL sponsor a young Rally Team in the British Rally Championship. Following a credible 3rd place in Belgium Alex Waterman (driver)…

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What is enterprise video service design?
February 26, 2017

Ray King explains why understanding the way people work and interact with video technology is crucial to designing and delivering the…

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The creation of Purpose built Videoconferencing rooms – The Ray Cube
February 11, 2017

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The Psychology, Common Sense and Culture of Enterprise Video
February 3, 2017

Are we about to witness a perfect storm in Enterprise Video Collaboration? Ray King, our Video Services Practice Lead, explains why…

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LONDON, UK January 2017 – Ray King of EDSL Announces an Alliance with Sei-Mani
January 20, 2017

EDSL is proud to announce an alliance with Sei-Mani. EDSL and Sei-Mani are leading consultancy companies focused on delivering high levels…

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