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Health Check™ - What are the key issues?

“Where do we start?” “What do we do?” “Who can help us sort this out?” These are questions we hear from our clients all the time. So in response, we created Health Check™, a focussed, off-the-shelf Consultancy Package designed to make a high level evaluation of their current situation.

We take a holistic view of their current services, working through each step a user would experience. When completed, we deliver a clear and concise high level report to score each section from Room Booking through to Support. In addition, we will make recommendations for “quick wins” to achieve in the short term, before moving to the more comprehensive Get Well™ program.

Get Well™ - Focused In-Depth Design


Following on from Health Check™, we designed the Get Well™ program – the capability to design and implement an in-depth, world class video collaboration service.

Using only best-of-breed components, this service is bespoke to each client, uniquely designed to fit their business needs, solution requirements and budget parameters. During design we consider interoperability to existing services to protect past investments.

Evolve & Transform™ - Increase Adoption

Services of this nature only succeed when people use them enthusiastically – when they become an essential part of the daily work life. In conjunction with the Get Well™ service, we have developed an awareness program, Evolve & Transform, to increase the acceptance, understanding and adoption of the service. This in turn builds confidence and leads to personal ownership by the employees.

Adoption of the service has two distinct aspects:

Quality: it must be world class, reliable and engaging. It then becomes self-promoting with positive-experience users creating a form of viral marketing. News of a good thing spreads rapidly!
Awareness: an awareness campaign focused on the benefits to the employees, such as a better work/life balance, is essential. Once aware, employees will feel the benefits, and adopt the service into their daily routine.