What We Do

Our focus is on people and how they function, interact, behave in the workplace

 We concern ourselves with how to make their working lives easier, more productive, less stressful, more adaptable to change.

We support our clients to change the way they work by adopting efficient video enabled collaboration tools.

We are independent and vendor neutral, so can advise on the best technologies to support the needs of an organisation and their employees. Our fundamental focus is the outcome, so we regard technology as a means of providing the desired result.

Our belief is that technology does not drive change, but can enable change.

When implementing change, we take a holistic view to the transition process. Our experience has shown that adoption of new methods of working will only happen when a world-class service is in place. Our approach is to view a service through the eyes of a user, so we work on all aspects of the user experience beyond core technology. We have heard it said on many occasions that it is easier to book a flight than a video meeting, so, as an example, Room Booking solutions would be our first consideration.