What We’ve Done

Our Successes

EDSL has successfully assisted many large organisations, including Vodafone, AstraZeneca, Yara and Sony, in realising the full benefits of their investment. Vodafone, who are reported to have one of the most advanced Videoconferencing Programmes in the world, announced significant cost savings and productivity gain by virtue of EDSL. We developed a holistic methodology that encompasses Business, Technology and People. EDSL’s profound industry knowledge, and insight, together with the experience to advise on best practices, ensured operational success. In addition to our strong business and technical credentials, EDSL developed innovative creative adoption programmes to encourage users to adapt to new ways of working. This strategy led to extremely high adoption rates, climbing from 15% to a 85% resulting in a swift Return on Investment (ROI) within the first year of deployment and a 30% reduction in travel expenditure thereafter.

What did Vodafone say about EDSL?

Dr. Armin G. Hessler
Head of Enterprise IT, Strategy & Innovation

I was responsible for developing a global strategy for videoconferencing (VC) within Vodafone. I needed to engage an industry expert to achieve our goals. I was introduced to Ray King (EDSL), and I had complete trust that Ray and his team had the expertise and experience to drive the strategy.

Ray’s knowledge and expertise has resulted in Vodafone achieving what we believe to be the most advanced videoconferencing solution – one we are very proud of. Our goals have been met, in that we have dramatically reduced travel and travel costs and the ROI proved to be very swift! EDSL have helped us deliver a service that is easy to use and enabled our employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

It was very important to me that I had complete confidence that EDSL would make the programme the huge success it is. Not only did Ray have the industry expertise I needed, he also possessed sound business sense, along with honesty and loyalty that made working with Ray a pleasure, with minimum stress and pressure. Indeed, Ray put fun into times of very hard work!

Speaking from personal, extensive experience, I would sincerely recommend Ray and his highly professional team at EDSL to any organisation that wanted to develop a global VC programme. Ray made the whole programme as painless as possible for Vodafone, and proved that he has the skills and enthusiasm which are so valuable in a company.